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ATOM ENGINEERING” has stareted its journey as one of the pioneer in the construction industry in 2018. We supply various kind of concrete Admixtures and other construction chemicals. We are trying to meet the expanding demand of Concrete Admixtures by supplying to the renowned Ready mix Concrete (RMC) manufacturer and to the number of infrastructure projects like power plant, water treatment plant and bridges etc.

Our commitment to customer services and technical supports set the company apart from its competitors. We are not just only the materials supplier but also an innovative solutions provider.

Our vision is to make the entire construction customers to use high tech concrete admixtures and we also want to aware the market to use admixtures and we also want tp aware the market to use admixtures in all the constructions works.


Combine the best products, materials and equipment to insure the highest quality work, best customer services and commitment from the project’s inception to its completion, having the most experienced, resourceful, imaginative and professional team that will design the project to exceed our client’s expectations with equitable compensation.

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